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Brighton Rocks Tours offer an alternative tour of Brighton. Explore the hidden mysteries of Brighton over a couple of hours and breakaway from the traditional tour of the City to discover some secret knowledge of the cities subterranean ‘strange goings on’. ‘Brighton Rocks’ Hidden Mysteries Tour is available for your perusal all year around at […]

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Your East Sussex Sightseeing could include the fascinating and picturesque Sussex village of Rottingdean that is situated just a few minutes from Brighton city centre by the sea with plenty to see and do including a thriving high street with an array of independent shops and numerous interesting places to eat and drink, a vibrant artistic […]

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Brighton art fair & MADE Brighton Brighton Dome, The Corn Exchange will be hosting a combined art, craft and design fair.   This weekend event (Friday 23rd September – Sunday 25th September 2016) will be full of original and diverse work of worldwide contemporary artists joined with fifty contemporary designer makers displaying work such as textiles, kiln formed […]

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There has recently been an English Baccalaureate (EBacc) debate in Parliament with campaigners urging the Secretary of State for Education to allow former education secretary’s Progress-Eight and Attainment-Nine measures to settle prior to pushing ahead with a top-down accountability mechanism that will place the arts and technical subjects at risk in schools. In relation to […]